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Faded in Light is a top down horror game set in a research facility. A bizarre creature broke in one day who can only be seen in the dark. It haunts the facility and it will continue to haunt it until someone puts a stop to it.

A strange virus broke out that forced people to take shelter. However, a team of scientists set out to find the cure. To do this they needed to find 24 suitable test subjects. One of them was CODE 006. He was only a toddler when they took him in and for the next 15 years they would test on him and 23 other test subjects. They didn't allow them to give each other names and were very strict about everything. That all changed when a strange creature broke into the facility and made everyone panic. Only a handful of people survived however, there was no way they could get out unless they kill that strange thing.


faded-in-light-demo.exe 40 MB

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